Saturday, 24 April 2010

Psychic Training

The best place we have been to learn so far is a run
by a circle in Sussex, near Eastbourne. They run courses
all year and also give readings. They run weekends with
different treatments, Reikki, Indian Head Massage and readings
all at a reasonable price.

The psychic Odette read for both me and my husband and mine was
spot on. At the time I thought a lot was just waffle, but she
told me two things that came true - one was seeing a shooting star,
another was a recently passed away relative in the US - I didn't
even know we had relatives in the US! About a month after the reading
I heard through my stepmother that a heir hunting company had contacted
my step mother and said a relative on my fathers side had died and they
were looking for relatives - they found about 30 so no big inheritance, but
she was right about the US relatives!!

You can visit them on

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Psychic Development for Beginners

So you would like to increase your psychic abilities, huh? First off, you must remember that being Psychic isn't always "knowing" as it is "feeling". Psychics have the ability to "feel" thoughts, ideas, and emotions as well as "know" them. The hard part is putting these feelings into words and trying to connect what we feel to the physical world.

Some psychics are much better at putting what they feel to words than others. This is a step by step guide to teach you how to do all of that. Here are definitions of many different types of psychic abilities. I will describe some of them in this manual.

Empathy - The ability to feel other people's emotions.
Telepathy - The ability to read other people's thoughts and send them yours.
Clairvoyance - The ability to "see" beyond the regular senses; the "sixth sense".
Clairaudience - The ability to "hear" the thoughts of others as well as spirits.
Clairsentience - The ability to know about something happening in the past, present, or future through "feeling".
Channeling - The ability to receive information THROUGH a person from an outside source. A person who channels is often called a "Medium".
Precognition - The ability to see ahead into future events
Remote Viewing - The ability to see and describe people and places without being physically around them.
Psychokinesis - The ability to move something in the physical world with the power of the mind.
Automatic Writing - The ability to write through the subconscious mind, which can be sometimes guided through an outside source. This is my prefer method of
Divination, which of course is using psychic abilities to try and "see" the future. It is also my preferred method of channeling. I enjoy writing out all the information I receive through channeling non physical entities.


If you are interested in learning at least one of these psychic abilities, you must first and foremost practice meditation and breathing techniques. If you've never meditated before, it's a wonderful way to relax and lessen anxiety. There are many different ways to meditate. The most obvious, of course, is to sit still in a quiet setting for a few minutes every day. Some people prefer to go outside on a nice day and go on a "meditative walk". Others prefer to stand tall in one place for a few minutes while concentrating on their breathing.

Still, no matter which way you choose to go about it, make sure you focus on your breathing as much as possible. Whenever your mind starts to wonder, try thinking about your breathing. It will help you feel more relaxed. Speaking of breathing, close your eyes, try breathing deeply (it's up to you whether to use your mouth or nose) and count to 4, hold it for 4 seconds, then realize. Hold it again for 4 seconds, and then start over. Count to 4 with each of the 4 steps. Continue this for a minute or two.

If you can keep up with your meditation and your breathing technique every day, after awhile you may start feeling your body "vibrating" or "pulsating" a bit. This is a sign that you are getting better at it and your psychic abilities will start increasing a little bit at a time. Many people also choose to light candles and incense when they meditate. If you wish to do this, make sure you try different scents until you find one that you really enjoy and that will help you feel relaxed. Now, there I have found a way to speed things up a bit with learning meditation, but you should probably ask a doctor first. I have found that fasting makes meditation easier and stronger.

There are many benefits claimed from people who fast, and I won't go into detail about it with this manual considering there are tons of websites out there about fasting. But my own personal opinion concerning fasting is that by clearing all food (and possibly drugs) out of your system, you are connecting less with the physical world and more with higher dimensions. It will also help you raise your own personal vibrations. Now keep in mind it's not necessary to go on a very long fast, especially if you've never done it before. A 24 hour fast will help wonders with connecting you to higher realms. If you choose to try this, please consider consulting a doctor first.


After you start getting into meditation, it would be a good idea to keep a diary. You don't have to write in it every day if you don't want to, but the more you write in it, the more it will help. Write about your experiences during the meditation. Write all you can remember about your dreams as soon as you wake up. This especially helps with lucid dreaming, for those of you who wish to learn that. The more you can remember about your dreams, the easier it will be to control them later on. You should also write about your goals in life.

Make sure you are very specific about writing out the things you enjoy doing and love, and how you wish to bring more of those things to you in the future. Write down all of these things I just mentioned, even if some of it doesn't make sense to you. Go back periodically every couple of weeks and read it all again, you will probably notice that things will begin adding up for awhile. Even the reasons behind certain, specific words will start to become clear for you in time.


Learning the proper ways to visualize is another very important skill to learn. Some people prefer to do it with their eyes open, some prefer keeping them closed, while others do a mixture of both. Keep in mind that the better you become at visualization, you will begin noticing synchronicity. You will notice that many things you visualize will start popping up out of nowhere in "real" life. This will happen more and more over time, the better you get at it. So it is obviously best to start out practicing to visualize only positive things. Whether these events (however small or large they may be) were already destined to happen and your visualizing them prior was your way of foreseeing them, or if your visualizing MADE them happen, it is debatable. Many people have different beliefs about it all.

So how do you visualize? During meditation, take all the thoughts and feelings you have experienced and take them to the next level; put a "story" behind them. Whether you wish to use visualization for past life regression, for a glimpse into the future, remote viewing a present situation elsewhere, etc.. you *must* put a background and a story to them. Pretend you are watching a movie through your mind's eye. Sometimes you may feel the need to simply watch the movie as it unfolds, and other times you will feel the desire to become part of the movie and experience it. Don't worry if you have trouble seeing with your mind's eye starting out, it will get stronger over time. I have found that using either opulent opium or dragons' blood incense helps strengthen the visions I see.

Of course you may find something else to aid you. What do you see when you try to visualize? Who do you see? Where does the movie take place? What all is in the background? Imagine that you can REALLY hear everything every one says. What emotions do you feel when watching them? If you choose to insert yourself into the movie, what emotions do you experience? Imagine that you really can physically feel and touch the others in the scene. Imagine that you can smell and hear just as if it were real life. Like I said, try to get as clear as an image of all this as possible, but do not worry if you can't get it all down at first. No one is perfect. You will become better at visualization as time goes by.

Write it All Down

In your diary, write down your visualization experiences. You don't have to write every thing down in detail, but I do want you to write down some words describing your experiences. Write down the key elements. For instance, you could write "girl, boy, green hill, rainbow, everyone was happy, I felt their radiance". Also take note of the type of clothes they wore, if anything about the movie seemed old fashioned, it could be a sign about a past life. Whether it was your own past life or someone else's, only you will know. You may not understand at first, but after you develop your abilities, you will know these things intuitively. You will just know.

After you can get meditation, breathing techniques, and visualization down pat, the possibilities are endless.

M. Deskins is a metaphysical writer and teacher with many years of experience.Her web site is

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Sunday, 4 April 2010

First Psychic Experiences

I've posted a couple of articles, but now I think I should talk about why I have an interest.

I have had one or two experiences which I would imagine as Psychic. When I was about 7 or 8 I had a lovely experience, it was near Christmas and I had a visit in my bedroom by someone who I though was my grandfather - it was a lovely warm experience. I had never met my grandfather as he had left my mother and grandmother when she was a girl and was not very good at keeping in touch - so I just assumed it was him.

A few days later I was at my grandmothers and there was a photograph on her dresser of an elderly gentleman, he was the one that visited. I told my grandmother of his visit and she said it was impossible as he was my great grandfather and had been dead for years. I always felt a special link with him after that!

The innocence and openess of being a child is a real blessing and leaves us open to such experiences which I feel sad to have lost.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Psychic Garden

A psychic garden is an adventure of many different dimensions. It is a personal relationship: with the living intelligences of nature, with the spirit visitors that you invite into the garden and most of all, with yourself and your multidimensional mind.

One of the most beautiful things about a psychic garden is that it communicates through images and unity rather than the harsh concepts of words from the intellect.
The images you see in the plants, the flowers, the trees or water features lend themselves well to the intuition and to your interpretations that are not etched in a study of metaphysics.

If it is not clear of what you are psychically receiving, I suggest that you let go of your analysis and not get too hung up on the message, but rather, consider where you are at the moment. Breathe in the essence of unity that your garden generates and join with your own sense of unity.

The miracle of the psychic garden is in the healing of mind, body and spirit. We draw from the garden everything it is that we need for rejuvenation. Our senses are heightened, our worries dissolve and the plans we have for our life are declared.

The architectural blueprints in the wild of nature is of course the most influential for psychic communication but the effectiveness of a created psychic garden is capable of producing the same. One of the ways to create a strong source of energy in your garden is through the use of copper and natural clear quartz. By placing them in the four corners of your garden, they will draw energy into the resonance matrix of each and every physical and non physical entity within its diameters.

Materials: Copper poles ½ to 1 in. circumference and 1to 2 feet long. (You can purchase the copper pole at your local hardware store and they will even cut at the length you specify.

Copper wire: Most Arts and Crafts shops carry copper wire- be sure to buy extra for future projects.

Clear Quartz: You are sure to find natural clear quartz in your local lapidary shop. You will need eight of them. Take one of your cut poles with you so that you can choose the size. You will be securing the quartz in both ends of your pole with your copper wire.

Preparation: Insert copper wire through the pole and wrap around quartz. Make sure you have about ½ of the quartz protruding outside the pole. Secure the other end in the same manner.

Insert your pole into the ground leaving half out into the open. Continue with the remaining three poles. The effects of these energy poles are immediate. You may feel the frequency pulsating on your skin at first.

Situating yourself in the center is ideal for rapport with the nature spirits, animal, rock, plant and water intelligences within your garden. It is also the perfect place to ask particular questions and receive answers. You will notice that psychic information is quickly perceived and your visions clear and vivid.

All of your senses and your extrasensory capacities are heightened with each session in your garden. You will learn how to manage the energy, the rapid influx of psychic sensations, and the indescribability of your experience as you transit your reality through each season.

As the seasons change, your psychic garden will absorb the positive information and dissolve the negativity that is directed your way, by means of the power source you have created with your copper poles. These frequency waves also have a healthy effect on your vegetation, water sources and animal life.

As you establish a deeper rapport with the intelligences of the garden, expect visitations of other unexplained life forms such as orbs and/or other world life forms. Some of these may be etheric, dimensional and physical. Depending upon your location and surrounding natural structures, your psychic garden may also expand, and evolve into a portal through time and space.

The sanctuary of your psychic garden allows you to develop naturally and remain in a natural healthy state as you explore the alternate realities of your existence, independent of barriers, blocks, or restrictions.

Currently Garcia is consulting via her private practice, through which she conducts exclusive readings for her clients, participates in paranormal investigations, teaches, and functions as an advisor for film and television. Garcia also counsels various areas of corporate strategic operations and employee management. Her website, offers a wide range of services and an art gallery featuring her authentic psychic art automatism oil paintings from the 1970รข€™s. Her clientele includes celebrities, business executives and law enforcement professionals, as well as private individuals who utilize her psychic information to enrich their lives.

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The Truth: What You Must Know Before December 21, 2012